Fill out the "Quote Request Form" or email us directly and tell us a little bit about your project; the general idea, drums sound you are looking for, number of tracks, etc.  Give us as many details as possible.


Send your music using any file sharing platform (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive), or through email for smaller files.

We can work with any standard audio file format (.wav, .aiff, even .mp3).

If possible, specify the bit depth and sample rate (e.g. 24 bit and 48khz) as well as the tempo (bpm). Also make sure all the songs/tracks start on the downbeat of the measure (beat one) for proper alignment when using metronome. 


At this point, after talking everything through, we will start the recording process. All the details discussed previously will determine which drums/percussion, mics, and even pre amps will be used. 

Within 24h to 72h, depending on the rate option chosen, you will receive a stereo MIX of your track with the new-recorded drums/percussion.

If you want to make any changes, don't worry, we got you!

*Any revisions must be requested within 48h after the stereo MIX was sent.


Before sending you all the individual tracks a full payment will be requested. You can make payments through either PayPal, Venmo, or Bank Transfer.


Upon receiving the full payment you will receive a DropBox link containing all the individual audio tracks (unprocessed). All audio files will be delivered always in ".wav" format at 24bit and 48khz, unless you request a different format.



Now it's time to import them into your DAW and finish your song!


We work on a daily basis with some of the best engineers, players, and composers in Los Angeles. If you also need any other instruments for your songs, an audio mix or even arrangements, we will be more than happy to put you in contact with these professionals.


- Individual tracks

- 1 Revision (change)

- 48h -72h turnaround

- Individual tracks

Up to 2 revisions

- Within 24h turnaround




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