Tube Microphone in Studio

A complete remote drum tracking solution for all your needs






Tell us what you need,

what vibe you are looking for, and send us your audio demos.

We will choose the right mics & drum set up for your project. Recording process starts.  

You will receive a "Basic MIX" of your demo and the new drums for you to listen.

Once everything is approved, you will receive a link containing all the individual

drum stems.

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A collection of pieces we've recorded with passion

What some of our clients have to say about us

  As an engineer I've had the opportunity to work with some of the best studio musicians. Victor  has always impressed me with his professionalism, stylistic versatility, and "on-the-grid" accuracy."  

Javier Escudero, Cubex Studios

  Victor and I have worked on several movies, and it’s always been a pleasure. He is professional, reliable, and a great guy. If you are looking for awesome drums for your project, look no further. Victor is your guy."

Arturo Cardelús, Composer

  Victor is that Kind of musician that you badly want to have in your productions. He delivers accurate performances and cutting edge sounds.

He is a very creative musician and quick when it comes to understand what is the project about: style, intensity, dynamics….

I’ve worked with him in several remote recording sessions and everything was perfect. Schedule, recording time, takes, editing, and delivery.

Can’t wait to work with him again!"

Carles Delgado, Composer

  I’ve worked with Victor for many years. He has always shown to be one of the most versatile drummer I know, with a super precise timing and groove.

He also has an excellent sense of musicality that makes him a great asset on any session."

Guillermo Marín, Secretos De Mezcla




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